God is definitely not a PM, but He surely is the only best and efficient closer around

I do not know why or what specific circumstances have happened in which I completely have forgotten to make entries to my blog. It may be one or more of the following:

  • Got a new job that made me get more access to other stuff such as better Internet and PS4
  • Become obsessed with home improvement where I have not actually done much
  • My weekends have become either being a driver or a mall rat
  • Got too pre-occupied into writing through my creative writing sideline so my craving to write has been easily satisfied through that

With that being said, should I still give it an excuse to NOT make an entry at all? I hope not and am pretty sure will look for this one way or the other. But of course, I will never ever forget writing about a Yearend recap ever since I started this on the now defunct Friendster blog. So let’s get on with it shall we?

First Quarter: The highlight of this quarter: The first birthday of my daughter. All others are just actually a mere side stories. But yes, this was the first few months that I have blatantly been trying to get out of Cebu for a new job. And you know what His answer is? Job title promotion.

Second Quarter: The start of the new job at work has made me more relaxed and excited for I believe that through that type of responsibility, it will give me more time off to get out and find another job that is closer. I am starting to feel left out and “old” for I cannot catch a break and getting a new job despite of countless of job applications.

Third Quarter: Started to feel a little bit hopeless about getting a new job for the year. I also started to like my new Job title in Cebu and have been slowly getting the hang of it. With all that situations and happenings, do you know what His answer is? Got a new job for you! And Lo and Behold, had a new job on a time that I really did not expect or started to not expect at all.

Fourth Quarter: New job was boring (and still is, a little bit) at first and felt so alone as I have not have had a job where my immediate superior / manager is abroad.  Then suddenly I was asked to fly right away for a business trip the next month, and then another for the next month after that. Sound busy? Nah, because I haven’t dip into its waters as of yet. But hey, at this time and at my age, getting better compensation and benefits can actually get you by with boredom at work.

2018 turned out flat for the better part of the year but it went out with a bang as it ends. Now that getting new work is out of the targets for 2019, I would then have new time for investments, home improvements and even more personal travels. Again, at this time and my age, I am feeling the comforts of life, because of His zero Project Management skills and his topnotch Closing gift of a skill. So, do I need to doubt on Him next time? I highly doubt! Because He has always been trusting, faithful and ever dependable and I don’t need to worry about anything at all!


Jesus Rocks!

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