Getting out of the comfort zone

Just got out from it for a few months now. All I can say is, it didn’t change anything at all. I just don’t know why. Most of the things that I was afraid of leaving didn’t leave when I retained something in me. I mean, all the years that have passed, I have been avoiding to be immersed with the like for I might end up getting bored and not full of life at all. But now I am finally realizing that you still can live a full life without sacrificing for what you believe in. I am too quiet about it and I can say that that is my regret. Because to all people (not that I am saying they are a lot :)) that I have wronged, I created a barrier that they cannot touch but I am not showing. I guess this is His way of saying, “Definitely you chose the right path now and I will finally give you the chance to be happy for this is My plan for you”. It is now feeling right, it is getting better and starting to have that sweet taste that I am longing for to come again in the latter part of last year. Whatever tomorrow brings for this one, I am confident that it wouldn’t end up getting wasted. I truly believe that He now has my hand and together we will take this path to happiness because He leads me to this relationship with her.


Jesus Rocks!

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