Blood is thicker than water, but alcohol dilutes them all

Family matters first. I truly believe that it is always about the genes. The mix and matches of men and women creates the society. Why am I telling this deep one? I don’t know, but what I know is that things are happening so fast I really want to keep up. Matching up is something that is very intricate and interesting to watch. It’s either you push it or let nature lead you to it.

On the other side of the story, our body functions in wondrous ways. If it has consumed well over its limit, it shuts down like a machine on a breakdown and stays that way until it recovers. And if it feels that it has enough energy to be normal again, it runs up as if it is overhauled and newly refurbished.

Life has granted us to shut down when broken but runs up again like nothing has happened when treated and repaired. All it needs is attention… and time.


Jesus Rocks!

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