Wish I could be every little thing that I ever wanted

More than a year ago, I went to a place that only in my dreams will I ever have a chance to go to. Now that I will come back again (yes, again), it feels as if once is enough because the pain and suffering cannot be tolerated anymore. The past year made my life miserable in one side, so prosperous and fulfilling on the other side. This time again, I am having the chance to ruin it and experience all over again. Though this time, it is inevitable and it won’t be as hard and hurtful.

Life sometimes gives you things that you don’t expect and maybe don’t want to anymore. One quote I found that stuck on my mind that life’s unavoidable and ever changing tides are like dance moves from God (something like that). I mean whatever comes my way, I have to go with it, or better, do something about it.

5 or so months of 2015 will be wasted (again) on my personal life. The clock is ticking (even the doomsday clock changed its minute hand already) and I have to do something about this… sooner or later.


Jesus Rocks!

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