Not me, not I, who know the reason why

Reading back the things that I have composed before is a fulfilling and at the same time creates another nostalgic memory that should have been forgotten. Yes, I still can’t get over the hump. I am still lingering, loathing and despising. I still remember. My mind involuntarily inputs memories that I preferred not to remember. I am still at a stage where my virtual memory cache is still intact. I have to reformat as soon as possible so I can fill up new memories and new adventures. Well, I am trying to, I even paid for it. And wooing women is still hard for me. I don’t want to be a cliché. I don’t want to be a stereotype. But society keeps me being timid. It keeps me shy and surviving this gets me where I don’t want to be. Sometimes I do feel life is cruel and complicated. But it made me realize that I am the one who induces pain in me. And it is more painful enough to deny that I made and making my own mistakes. When push comes to shove, I might just end up with the right, JUST the right and nothing else. After all, the brain just teaches things, but your heart leads you through it.

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