Say hello to good times…trade up for the fast times

I have been doing this blog since 2005. A lot has happened in my life but a part of it has been going on too slow. I don’t complain that much but hey, time is running fast and I need to act on it. But this is not the right time or entry of the blog to discuss about it so let’s move forward to what this blog is for – and that is the yearly recap of the four quarters that have passed. So here it goes:

First Quarter:
It really has started on a bad note in terms of personal life. It came to a point wherein calling it quits has become inevitable. But by the end of the quarter, a sudden realization has arrived and eventually came back to each other, or so it seems…

Second Quarter:
Everything is falling into pieces – work has been good, life has been good. But by the end of the quarter, a seemingly inevitable thing happened in which I had to relocate and be away (again) from my family and my loved ones. This is probably the first time that I have felt bad in relocating for a job as I have been used to doing in the past 8 years of my career.

Third Quarter:
Relocation has made a mark in my head and has felt homesickness. Again, this is the first time I felt that way and the only thing that I think made me feel that way is the one that I left behind. And another contributor is the tremendous amount of pressure that has bombarded me at work. It felt like I am alone, and at the same time everyone is against me. And lastly, towards the end of the quarter, the seemingly “relief” almost happened. When I heard it the first time, it sunk in right away and I understood and accepted right away. It will eventually be a matter and faith will always get in the way. Taking it back left me wondering but still had to accept – because I just couldn’t accept the fact that giving away a very good thing without any valid or normal reason (except for one) is sane.

Fourth Quarter:
Experienced natural disasters that struck me in the head and told to myself that anytime He will come for you and take you home. Never felt anything like it and am still thankful I am still here. Experienced another blow on personal life as due to career responsibilities that I had to relocate again for 6 months – this time, >16 hours by plane apart from home. Up until now, there is still a lingering question on what would be the direction of my life in terms of everything.

Year 2013 for me has a lot of color. It has been a roller coaster ride. But this time, the ride has not stopped yet and I don’t which turn will be going. To tell you honestly, all the things that are happening right now in my life are not of my desire. This is probably because I am just used to be fulfilling all my desires and achieving what I want. But now, it’s like I want this but the one that arrived isn’t. But here’s one thing, I know in my heart that He planned this for me, and whatever goes in my way, I’d be glad to grab it and accept it wholeheartedly, no matter how sweet or how bitter it is, I know that it is His plan for me is for the best.


Jesus Rocks

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