You reap what you sow, but I’m still gonna get it back

It’s almost the end of the year and I believe that it is almost fitting to tell that this year will be my most unforgettable year to date. I am not going to dwell on all the details as I will keep that in check in time for the end of the year tradition of recaps. But what I want to tackle is the most recent happenings in my life right now. I am currently residing on a place (due to relocation by my current employer) in which several natural calamities (although not directly hit) were experienced. Both of which are somewhat devastating and at the same time devastating.
I experienced them first hand and all I am thinking at that time and that same point is that the prophecies are getting true. It may seem biblical and preachy but at the back of mind, I guess my belief has somewhat having basis on true events at all. But it didn’t actually happen and I am still here writing this blog, telling my experience on those two scary calamities. Thinking back and from what I have seen from the news on the most affected areas nearby, I guess it was really the end for most of them, and to those who have been left behind, was left with a constant reminder that He (or someone from out there to be conservative) can have the capacity to give and take it back. I remember the most powerful phrase from one of my favorite animes, “In order for you to get something, you need to give something back”. It may not be for long that the affected will turn back and get over, but the reason to go on will be hard specially for the orphaned, the widowed or just plain traumatized. Somewhere or somehow there’s a reason behind all of this. I cannot answer that for them – all I know is that someone (My God, not to be conservative but just being plainly proud) will (always have an answer for everything).

Jesus Rocks

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