I was so good at this until I stopped worrying

I went through some posts in the past months and past year. I could say that I regard myself as a good writer specially when I am emotional or feeling something heavy. And now that you mentioned it, the emotion has gone through me again but this time it is not for better (?) in terms of my writing…that is. I stopped being poetic as I have been preoccupied with a lot of things lately. I feel that it is good but sometimes when you look back on this entries, it sometimes feel pitiful that memories were put to waste due to a badly written blog. So I will go straight to what I came for really- to give a year-end recap for the year 2012 (hopefully this entry will be published unlike last year! grr!!!):

First Quarter: Work has been on a limbo, changed offices due to cost-cutting and the pressure and scare of retrenchment was so evident. Kind of felt lonely at work when you are seeing fellow workers going out and transfer suddenly. Started something wonderful-you’ll find out later.

Second Quarter:Started the brave acts. The stubbornness of a friend paid off- or so it seemed. This quarter is the most busiest and the most interesting for the year. The months in this quarter are all a matter of pursuing, being stubborn and the drama goes on. To top it off, went for a trip on a mindset of ending the adventure with a loss. To put an icing on the top, a very nice and lucrative offer that you won’t definitely refuse even by you.

Third Quarter: Prior to go on a trip for the next career adventure, a promise was made- a hanging question that was answered a month after. And suddenly, the magic happens. Up until now, I still couldn’t believe I have done that and still can’t accept the bliss I felt. It went strong as it goes along, with a number of speed bumps- of course.

Fourth Quarter: Getting stronger and better, but it keeps me hanging by wondering of how long will it last. I mean, I am happy now, but I am not seeing being happy forever because of some circumstances that compromise is a requirement. But as they say,

“whatever tomorrow brings, just be there with open arms and eyes”

As of now, I am happy and I would definitely would want to keep it as long as I can.

If you notice some differences with the past year-end blogs that I made compared to this one, well maybe you are right-there is a difference. And it is for you to find out!  🙂  All in all, 2012 has been one nice ride for me, this year was the most fruitful and most adventurous year to date. This year made me more adventurous, brave, optimistic, giving, and all other positive words that you can think about. As a conclusion, facing the new year for me will be full of hope, excitement and an adventure that most of us will thrive.



Jesus Rocks!

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