I definitely posted one last month and I don’t have any clue where it is right now

So here it is again. As much as I hate it, I have to deal with it. It just really keeps on piling up. But I have no choice but just accept this. I really don’t know why my 2011 year-end wasn’t published. I remembered it vividly. But to what it’s worth, there’s no point in looking for it and being bitter. It’s just that it was so disappointing to know that a well written entry went on to waste and disappeared just like that.

This entry was not supposed to be this way but i just couldn’t stop bickering. But what the hey, I have to move on to what I have been staying up late for:

> The pile-up just keeps on and I think I have lost ~100,000 worth of goodies

> I am feeling so lazy to woo, but feeling so left out with time? What should I follow? But I am too lazy….

> Getting fond of the same old ways. Am I getting too greedy for better plans?

> Drifting further and further. I am getting scared  that I might just pass on anything and be so casual of things that I should ponder about (am I still gonna remember or even understand what I am trying to say when I read this on another time?)

I’m sorry but still this entry should be this way but I just can’t get over with the fact that I lost a well written blog!!!! Grr!!!



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