Blink in, Blink out

Well, well, well… I am about to survive another year yet again. As the fireworks and a kid singing her heart out from a videoke machine in a nearby house gives a good background, it’s fitting to say that everyone is on a festive mood and are very ready to face the New Year. I could end this entry right now by doing the summary but it’s not a good way to end the year without having a recap of everything that has happened. So, corny as it may seem, here it goes again:

1st quarter: Honestly, this is a first time that I don’t remember (or I don’t have a notable one to remember) a notable thing from this time. But what I do remember is I was complaining that I lack manpower and I need help at work- it didn’t come at that time. Oh yeah, thanks to my other journal, now I do remember that I had lost of interviews for new work during those times wherein I was actively seeking for better environment (shall I compare it with the coming year for this one???)

2nd quarter: The job hunting adventures continued. One time, I almost ended up working on another country only to hit myself on a brick wall on the brink of fitting my one leg on the door. Surprisingly, the help at work has come but didn’t matter anymore as I was decided to leave, no matter how and whatever it takes.

3rd quarter: A beginning of an ending, a start of something very different. I have left everything that’s been bothering me so much physically, mentally and maybe sometimes emotionally. I left with a broken heart as I was leaving great friends but with a good chance of being fixed by being hopeful that a new career will keep me at peace with myself. The first two months on the new career was so boring that I have never felt so sleepy like I felt that I went on an overnight work for it. But it was well and good, as compared to what I came from.

4th quarter: Scary stuff, really scary stuff. I could say that my stint must come to an end soon on this territory. Though I am liking what I am doing right now, the pressure is still there (but shouldn’t be a reason to leave, as everything is “pressurized”) but the sad part is that the security is not that tight and you might be tapped to leave at any given time. The good part about this one is that I am creating new friends- it’s a good thing, as I am not used to have lots of them… J

As you may be wondering, the things that I have mentioned on the yearend recap are all but work, work and work. I am not in a safe position if I would elaborate more on the topic that I lost a lot of material things this year, but I realized (again) that He has the power to give and also has a great power to take away. I also don’t want to elaborate more on the topic that I was continuously hitting a brick wall on pursuing.  I am now almost (about to) realize that time is running out and the best seats might all be taken. Will the new year be the same as the year has passed by? I don’t know. All I know that I (we) have to face the new year with a renewed passion and a positive approach that we can survive another year with the guidance of the One up there.


Jesus Rocks!!!

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