Now I remember

Warning: too personal, please don’t read!!!

Why did I keep on looking for my own place even if I am not yet married?

Why am I seeking to get out eventhough I still couldn’t afford to be one right away?

Yeah, I do remember now. I wanted to be independent. When I was working out of town, a weekend’s stay is already enough. At the back of my mind, if it really weren’t for the measly paycheck but still too much work given, and if the house pushed through, I might still be there. But to put things (all of it) aside, it is where I am right now and I have to face it. I wanted to help in some way but sometimes I need to be selfish. I will just pray to God to give me wisdom to decide on this.

Now that I am on this track now, I must ride it. I am now finding ways to ease up on what I should pile up to make ends meet. Being a risk taker must be done in order to move up. And with the way things are going around the corner, I am at a risk (considering that I cannot cope up on the things that I must do and I still can’t get over the fact that I am now on the side) and I have to make the mound flowing. I am not making my doors and windows locked up (oh, man! this is getting so cliche! I am now at this stage and I still worry about this?!)

Jesus Rocks!

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