Is renewal means you have to look new?

They say that everybody is on a bad fix today. Well, what they’re saying might be true. For all of the hard times being experienced right now, I’m glad I’m still here. I’m overwhelmed by the fact that I am still blessed with a job, a healthy body and I can still eat 3x a day. Most of the past november blogs that I have posted over the years were about death and how I should be meeting that fateful day. Now, I’m gonna change it a little, after all, this is my what they call the month that you were born here on this earth. Anyway, most of my recent posts were about my miseries and all the things that I got pissed over the past months. I couldn’t help it after all, those things got bundled up one by one, day after day so I got fed up. But that’s already past and all I can do about it is to laugh it off and hope and pray that it (she) would change. 😀 Anyway, want to know what’s keeping me preoccupied these days? It’s Mario Puzo— all thanks to discounted bookshops that sold me 3 of his best sellers at a very nice price— just about over a 100 pesos a piece! Tha’s what you call a discount! I have finished The Fourth K and The Last Don and I am currently reading Omerta. Calling concerned people ou there, let me know if you could find The Sicilian, The Dark Arena and of course The Godfather on discounted bookshops ok? 😀 Anyway, I really like the books ‘coz it is basically a mobster’s life and I used to be obsessed with gangster movies (take note that I really love Al Pacino and Robert De Niro because they are in it!). And more important, my Alaska Aces are number one!!! keep it up!!! We can go all the way this conference!!! peace!

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