It’s always on the flightplan

If my memory serves me right, I have been doing this year-end recap thing for 3 years now or maybe four- I’ll just check later ok?
Anyway, 2007 was just a breeze, man. I didn’t realize that it was over until now. Just hours before this ends, I’m gonna cap it all up on this blog on what have happened these past 12 months:

First Quarter: It was the 3 months of the preparations but it was also the month of uncertainty. I didn’t know that the training would really push through or not. It was also a busy month endorsing responsibilities to other members. It is also the time of confusion wherein I get to be confused on who will be my partner on the training This was the quarter where my life evolves only work.

Second Quarter: The training pushed through. It was the most thrilling and adventurous 3 months of my life. I experienced everything on that short span of time. I have gained a lot friendships during this time, may it be personal or work related friendship. This quarter is by far my most unforgettable and I don’t think that it wouldn’t be topped in a long time!

Third Quarter: Time to go back to real work- going to work with completely different environment and superiors gave me the  creeps and the need for adjustments. Work was no fun at this time. Adjustments had to be made and the place on the company map was not yet seen. Friendships and maybe more than that (well, almost) were made during this time.

Fourth Quarter: Work is getting better and more exciting due to new technology in the company. More work means more challenge and excitement. My team got bigger as well although sometimes it shouldn’t have to be big, as of yet. Also during this time, Tropatoots reunion pushed through and stronger bonds were also obtained.

2007 was a kicker and the preparation for the better things that will come in 2008. I am really looking forward to it and I am itching to get it on! I feel so serious right now that’s why my blog is like this. I just have to say that we just have to be aware of everything. aware of people, health, love and faith. Peace…

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