Special All deads’ day

Since this is the day most of the people are celebrating Christmas, oh, sorry it’s just november….this is the day for the dead. This is the day wherein Filipinos flock to the cemeteries and give chance to other people to have some money in buying candles and all the other dead stuff. This is the time where they sort of remember and pray for their dead loved ones. For me, remembering them is good but praying for them is not my cup of tea. I mean, they’re already where they are supposed to be at the time their soul and their body separated and you cannot change that even if you pray for them a million times. Now let’s go back to the special all deads’ day blog. I’ve been trying to do this for a long time but i’m just waiting  for the right time and no other time is better to write this than this time. While everybody is preparing or planning for their birthdays, anniversaries, etc., I’m going to plan my own funeral. hehe. This is really cool. So here it goes:

> Everybody should wear black. I’ve been so miserable lately seeing funerals with the mourners wearing white. I still love the traditional and my favorite color is black. No offense to color white but i still prefer black. đŸ˜‰

> No long parades please…I don’t want my mourners to be exhausted after a long walk from the church up to the memorial park. No further explanation needed.

> I would like to make a soundtrack for my funeral to be played at the memorial and here are some of the songs that must be played (all other songs that i like can also be played but the following SHOULD be included on the playlist):

           1. My immortal-evanescence (cannot overlook this hehe)

           2. Boys don’t cry-The Cure (all time favorite specially at videoke. i rarely sing on the videoke but if i do, i’m definitely going to sing this)

           3. Fade to black-Metallica ("life it seems will fade away, drifting further everyday"…how could you pass this song up on a funeral?)

           4. Victory-Megadeth (very clever song, la lang amused ako eh. besides, death is a victory from me. victory from the sins of the world. i finally escaped from it)

           5. Work-Jimmy eat world ("work and play they’re ok to mix the way we do"…it says it all…it might be the culprit why i died-work…hehe)

           6. Nobody loves me like you-Jars of Clay (just wanna put some love songs on my playlist)

           7. Savior-Skillet (gonna need a savior)

           8. Grab thy hand- Chevelle (just listen to the lyrics, you’ll see why)

           9. DC talk- Jesus Freak (my ultimate Christian rock song. Anthem for us Jesus freaks)

           10. Every new day-Five iron frenzy (my ultimate ska song- Christian ska)

           11. So great a salvation-The O.C supertones (they’re ska but this song isn’t)

           12. Lord I lift your name on high-The insyderz( ska version!)

           13. All day-Hillsong United ("with anyone who tried to see just how good You’ve been to me, and all my friends who don’t know You, i pray that you would save them too")

           14. As long as it matters-Gin blossoms (my favorite gin blossoms song)

           15. What i didn’t know-Athenaeum

           16. Angel-Jimi Hendrix ("fly on by sweet angel")

           17. Angel- Sarah Mclachlan ("in the arms of an angel, may you find some comfort here")

           18. 24-Wolfgang (my favorite wolfgang song…Im gonna play this all day on my 24th birthday!)

           19. The exit- Underoath ("we’re just looking for the exit")

That’s all i can think of now but all the other songs on the playlist can come from bands (besides to the bands listed above) like goldfinger, reel big fish, black sabbath, sunflower daycamp, jeepney joyride, mighty mighty bosstones, pigs with pearls, thousand foot krutch, battery (mike turner on vocals), fiona apple, switchfoot and all others.

> And lastly, please, to those people who will say something on my funeral, don’t be a scapegoat, say about what I was to you and don’t say good things just to be modest on my funeral. please say the truth. I don’t wanna be a cliche anymore. And one more thing, crying should be the last option on my funeral. Just think that my destination after death would be much better here on earth. đŸ™‚ peace!

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