I am a frustrated writer

Yeah you may seem to laugh about it or sometimes be amazed on how i still managed to update every now and then this blog eventhough i can only touch a keyboard with an "internet connection" once in a while due to work-related inconveniences. Yeah i love to write and i was really into journalism until before the end of senior year in high school. Back then, i was so determined to be journalist/columnist/writer but things turned out the way i don’t it to be. Though i also like what i have been right now (as an engineer fyi), i still find time to fulfill my longing frustration as a writer by doing this blog. For me, i can express through writing my deepest emotions that i can’t do by saying it. For me, words is the most powerful communication tool humans have ever invented. And the next best improvement in line with writing is these blogs. With these, you are your own boss and no one can forbid you on what you should write or stop you from doing what you want. In here, you are always right and you can never be wrong. So to the one who invented this blog thing (i’m sure it’s not Friendster…hehe), I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thank you coz I am fulfilling even for just a little my little frustration as a writer. See, this entry looks very emotional, right? hehe

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