I WAS there!

don’t say i wasn’t there even if i didn’t finished the whole show. you’re damn right i was there. i was there at el pueblo watching a music fest. it felt like a music paradise, man. the 3 venues for the genre rock, reggae/world music, and alternative are all packed. i got the chance to watch cynthia alexander, tropical depression (yeah you’re right, they were so cool. where was i when they are in their heydays? hehe), jr. kilat, dicta license, mojofly, shiela and the insects, and juan pablo dream (really cool! funky jazz with rock spice! i’m gonna buy their album for sure!). i got so tired standing and slamming at the same time and going to one venue to another so i didn’t finish it. it really is tiring for me specially because i came straight from work and to think that i forgot to bring bottled water. but it really is a nice experience. the best part is, on my way home, i got the chance to catch orange and lemons on another venue(megastrip) sponsored by jam 88.3 and they’re really cool hands down. 80s song reminiscent. im looking forward on the next year’s fete de la musique. i just hope that i could last until the end hehe….
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