for those tv addicts like me

if you really are a tv addict, i would suggest a lot of shows that for me si good and kept me glued to the screens here are some:
CSI-the original of course! still gives me the creeps in solving those crime cases. and on the latest season, it got a twist; you should find it out yourself hehe
CSI:NY-the spinoff and it was a great one. detective mac taylor is the best(played by Gary Sinise). the cinematography is cool. gives me the creeps. and it still has the kick on solving cases like the original, sometimes even more
Joey-the spinoff of the hit series "Friends". Matt LeBlanc proved everybody that he can do it alone. though it wasn’t a critical success, it’s still fun for me and it has a hilariuos support cast too!
One Tree Hill-i’ve never been a huge drama series fan but there’s something about this show that kept me glued. i guess this is about hs basketball or it has hot chicks casted on it. i dunno, may be you should find out. The O.C. didn’t appeal to me but this one is. Maybe because of Chad Michael Murray? haha!
Ed-like i said, i hated drama shows but this one is really different. this one is a drama comedy. it has a weird cast and weird dialogues that kept me thinking about things on the crazy kind of way. even if this has been changed on a very late timeslot, i still keep on watching it. it’s pretty good, man!
and then there’s all the other stuff, nba, pba, tennis and other sports stuff. well that is it folks, just my opinion. this is a blog right? you can tell everything you want hehe
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