My head is spinning but I don’t feel dizzy

I really believe  that time really can stand still. I swear I thought today is the first day of March only to find out it is not. 

It is probably human nature to be indecisive and weary when it comes to things that they are excited to be in. They won’t be contented until they get to where they are desiring for at that moment. The funny thing is once they get to there, they just keep on asking for more. 

With that nature, we just couldn’t accept the fact that His ways are not our ways, thus we always tend be discontented. 

For what its worth, i truly believe that His plans for us will always be for the best, and nothing but.


Jesus Rocks


The end is near or is it?

2 or 3 weeks offshore feels like forever. What seemed to be a breezy day ends up so long and grueling. The hunt was on for more than 6 months now and I still couldn’t catch a break. An inch of a small opening could somehow ease up the process but as of now everything seems like it will come to a halt.

Through all out these struggles, A number of things come in to my mind – is it the age? Is it too late to change paths? Am I not marketable anymore? A lot of questions come into my mind.

There are quite a number of things to consider, they are not certain though. but what I do know that is certain – He will give what is best and nothing but.


Jesus Rocks!

This is not supposed to be the title but I cannot remember the right one anymore

It is 2018. Can’t believe it has been 18 years since the Y2K bug hoax. Back then internal was so slow, a 20kb jpeg file takes forever to load.

Well enough of nostalgia and its corresponding complaints, let’s now start the yearly recap:

First quarter:

The preparation for the #threeisthemagicnumber is in a full swing. The drama and excitement of creating life has never seem so fulfilling as ever. My perceptions in life were starting to swing towards another level.

Second quarter:

Being left alone to attend to a seemingly endless night with a crying baby is a good challenge. It tests your patience, perseverance and ingenuity. Good thing it was just for a week or two. Days away from home takes forever, but an hour with them seems like lightning. Starting to feel like it is about time to move on and get hands on with my new life – and that should involve career.

Third quarter

Started an almost weekly coming home routine. Not minding the expenses, but rather seeing them is pure bliss and priceless. My team came crashing down and all my plans came to a halt just because of a petty grievances towards colleagues. Triggered so much to the highest level that it is really time to go.

Fourth quarter:

Ending not with a bang, but with a tired body and restless soul. Trying so hard to look for another but no one seems to bother to call. The kid is growing is fast and i am always too eager to go home.

Back in the day, all my recaps are mostly about my career. This year, everything was changed. Or maybe it started last year. I don’t know. What I do know is that there will be times that the life you are seeking is not the one that will be served to you. Pray for it, work for it, loom for it. But don’t look too far. Quite possibly it is the same thing, you just need to embrace it.


Jesus Rocks!


Qualifies for the final break of the “game”

We all live in a difficult world (sorry, had to type the first thing that came to my mind). But there are really some things that are supposed to not go down in bunches so the impact is not that high. What seemed to be a very satisfying month went on a downward spiral in which all came crashing down in an instant. If you will ask me to write for this month a couple of weeks ago, I would have written a more positive one. But now that I realize that I have made quite a number of mistakes, this will seem a little bit difficult to become optimistic. They say that haste makes waste, multi-tasking is dangerous, overwhelming task is roadkill – I am now beginning to believe that now. But in my line of work, such things are unacceptable and should never be experienced.

But all throughout all of this, are these signs of things to come? Yes, motivation has started to wind down, in fact, attempts to get out has been starting for quite some time now. But I don’t want to get down like this, it would seem like I gave up because I was overwhelmed. I have never got out like this – I was always on top, or I was still bankable. But not like this – I am better than this. I have to get up, focus, and be professional. But what can I do? seeing her infectious smile and cute demeanor erases everything bad and resets me. That is why I have to get out.



Jesus Rocks!


The letter “p” will always be used but will not be always there for you

I just recently got glued on a TV show where a side story involves a best selling author hired to write a biography about a politician. He is supposed to glorify the politician for his accomplishments but ended up writing a draft that is completely the opposite of the expected output. Why am I saying this for this entry? Well, first of all, yesterday I was so inspired to do some things because I read something about passive incomes in which you can do some things such as writing an E-book in order to generate some money or so. Back then I don’t have my laptop with me so I can work on plenty of things that I have started but have never found any inspiration or time to finish. As I came back, when I am ready to work on it, some bug from a fleet of laziness swarmed over me. I ended up playing mobile games for hours but mumbled some nonsense on E-book.

The morale of the story is – writers should have benefit of the doubt when it comes to get the their creative minds going. I am not saying I am a writer though. I am just a wannabe who wants to play rather than be one.

Some humor we got here isn’t it? Nah, I am just mumbling words to get by with my life.



Not what you want but you’ll get it anyway

A few years back, I was gearing towards things that I sorely wanted – travel, take pictures, explore, collect memories. 2 years ago, I was on the way of achieving the life I wanted. Along with my wife, we were there, gearing towards it. We already made plans, booked flights and even planned itineraries.

Then something came up, and everything went to a halt. Honestly, I was upset at first. Imagine, a mindset so sweet became just a waste in an instant. As months went by, I slowly realize the meaning of it all.

Weird things come along as you go through this life. Plans will always change and will forever change. Now, I am slowly realizing the purpose of the life changing path that I am going through now. Preoccupation is always a key.

Now that I am going on to the new chapter of my adventurous life (yeah, pressure-packed work is adventure for me), I am now beginning to embrace that I should be getting out of my comfort zone. Because if I won’t, things would derail and how I handle things would get out of hand. I will just leave it up to Him as always. Pray to lead me to the path that I am destined to be at this moment of my life.


Jesus Rocks!


The thin gray line

There will always be that thin gray line that will be violated and it is only a matter of time when that will happen. If that happens, it will have violent consequences and will then create a domino effect.

I lost my inspiration to write a good one with regards to what happen in my career life right now.

All i can say now is, I already have a reason and it is just a matter of time.