Not what you want but you’ll get it anyway

A few years back, I was gearing towards things that I sorely wanted – travel, take pictures, explore, collect memories. 2 years ago, I was on the way of achieving the life I wanted. Along with my wife, we were there, gearing towards it. We already made plans, booked flights and even planned itineraries.

Then something came up, and everything went to a halt. Honestly, I was upset at first. Imagine, a mindset so sweet became just a waste in an instant. As months went by, I slowly realize the meaning of it all.

Weird things come along as you go through this life. Plans will always change and will forever change. Now, I am slowly realizing the purpose of the life changing path that I am going through now. Preoccupation is always a key.

Now that I am going on to the new chapter of my adventurous life (yeah, pressure-packed work is adventure for me), I am now beginning to embrace that I should be getting out of my comfort zone. Because if I won’t, things would derail and how I handle things would get out of hand. I will just leave it up to Him as always. Pray to lead me to the path that I am destined to be at this moment of my life.


Jesus Rocks!


The thin gray line

There will always be that thin gray line that will be violated and it is only a matter of time when that will happen. If that happens, it will have violent consequences and will then create a domino effect.

I lost my inspiration to write a good one with regards to what happen in my career life right now.

All i can say now is, I already have a reason and it is just a matter of time.

Much have been said, and I am still stuck here waiting for my flight

Almost 2 months has passed since I became a grown up. Yes, it is just this point in my life where I feel that I have grown up already, well almost. It is not during my teenage years, not during I had my first work, not even when I got married. It was the time I created life. Yes it is cheest, but I couldn’t help it. The times when I am home feels like an eternity, and it is a good one. I may not be as vocal as I am now in this entry, but I am sincerely proud that I am. Now, life has a new meaning for me. And I will do anything to keep it that way.


Jesus Rocks!

The time the music lives on

It was March 21 and the night was young. But the inevitable Happe​ned at the time it wasn’t expected. The mindset was supposedly first thing the next morning it happened 12 hours earlier. The grueling waiting time gets to me by micro-seconds, the waiting for the time for her to come back from another room made me uneasy. I was so tired and sleepy, but my instincts and my brain was in full swing. After a few hours, a nerve-wracking conversation happened – it has to be now, and it cannot wait for dawn. It will be too risky to wait for it so I decided to push through right away. 

Then the waiting time again… this time the micro-seconds was even cut to half. If it weren’t for mobile internet, it would even be much longer. I keep on going to the toilet to take a leak even if I didn’t drink any liquid. I was trying to sleep but my mind does not wander. 

Then that time came it was the 22nd already… a person came out of the door and said “Sir, she is now ready… congratulations, Dad!” One thing that I noticed after she said it to me is that my heart didn’t race, but rather a sigh of relief. The uneasiness vanished and the worry erased. Seconds after, there I saw it… a loud cry from a person – a cry that made me smile. It was a cry of  a sign of life. A cry that symbolizes creation, and I was never been proud as I was at that time. 

Creating life is bliss, that is all I can say. I would do anything to cherish and retain it.


Jesus Rocks

Last guys finish last

Never gets out of style

First quarter

The preparations are going full swing. Travels postponed due to impending larger events. And yes, she said yes a couple of months back. 🙂 Acquisition is in full bloom, but was halted due to circumstances only the broker knows.

Second Quarter

Acquisition is still halted and move in timing was in turmoil. Preparations are in full swing and excitement is just around the corner. Offered bigger responsibilities but negotiated to keep everything intact, only add some more. The day we have been waiting for came and went. Though not everything went according to our wishes, it was still the happiest.

Third Quarter

Three is the magic number. First month on we multiplied. Yes, it was unplanned and travels supposedly has to continue but halted again. But it was never in grief nor regret it happened. Started the new (additional) responsibilties and has struggled big time.

Fourth Quarter

Slowly inching my way to cohesiveness and jelling into the new position. Gender has been revealed – it wasn’t the wish but nevertheless a great gift indeed. Started for the first time the tradition of swapping and criss crossing of visits during the holidays.

This year end post seems to be the first one to be accomplished in record time of about 10 minutes. 2016 was fun, and I do believe 2017 will be fun(ner)… Pun intended


Jesus Rocks!

More than 2 years of friendship, more than a year of love, 7 months of marriage, 6 months pregnant

A statistic that I can definitely accept with my wholw heart. Time just passes away with ease and you can just hold on and take a deep breath and see what is in store for you ahead. It may or may not change your perspective but it is a fitting way to hold your head up and embrace whatever it is becoming of you.

We all live in a world where change is inevitable. That is probably why the Japanese invented Kaizen – because you can never be stagnant in one place and just let the things pass you by without doing anything about it. 

Becoming a parent can definitely change the way you think, behave or even dream. It is what it is – but will you get scared if you are not scared at all?

What if the things of the past scares you at the wrong places and at the meanest of timing? Can you handle the pressure?

What if you have to give up something that you know that you’ll end up regretting or frown upon but will make someone happier and more contented?

I was about to make something different but ended up completely different. Nevertheless, needless to say, whatever comes my way, time can only know.




Of the things to come and everything in between

As I stand still in a corner because I really can’t move due to a glutinous late lunch, I found myself watching a mall show intended for children’s games. I enjoyed it honestly, though I am not sure if it is due to the fact that I am gonna be a father soon or just plainly I like watching kids enjoying while playing games. Whatever it may be, I love it and I still cannot move as I might throw up if I do. 

But I guess it is safe to say that life has to move forward and go to a stage where everything must happen in order for the reason to go on will live.